May 2012

31, May 2012

Seashells, clay and an art giveaway

Source: June Yong
Vera went for her first art workshop the other day at WowArt Learning Studio. She was going to learn how to make seashells using DAS clay, which is a quick-drying clay. She first did a warm-up exercise — drawing seashells on paper. Hers is the one on the right. She can roughly draw the shape, but her lines did not reach the outline of the shell.

22, May 2012

...And Now, A word from WowART

Source: Linda Black
Those pesky school holidays are coming up again! And what better way to distract your kids from bugging you at home than with art workshops? I love WOWArt, which takes an organic approach to the craft of art.

18, May 2012

WowART Holiday Workshop and Camps!

Source: The Studio Loft
Dear clients, if you need some program for your child this school holiday, you may want to consider WowART Learning's holiday workshops.

18, May 2012

The Art of Nurturing

Source: Mastura Diah Ahmad
As you can see from my Instragram posts, my Nadyas and I super love art & craft.

9, May 2012

For the love of enrichment classes

Source: June Yong
Parents living in Singapore are spoilt for choice – when it comes to enrichment classes that is. There is enrichment of the arty type, musical type, dance type, performance type, sporty type, language...the list goes on.

4, May 2012

It's the June Holidays!

Source: WowART
WowART Learning Studio is pleased to announce our Holiday Day Camps and Workshops!

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